Senior Living FAQ

Do I have to be 55 years of age to live at one of the 55+ communities?

No, up to 20 percent of units may be occupied by someone under the age of 55,
as long as there are no minors.

What does “independent living” mean?

Independent living means that our residents are independent in home maintenance and personal care. Our communities do not provide nursing care, meals, or house cleaning. Residents can have in-home caregivers; however, this is something they would need to coordinate and manage. If the caregiver were to live in the apartment, they would need to follow the procedure to rent an apartment.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. We allow up to two (2) pets (dogs/cats). Each pet must be 35 lbs. or under.

Can my grandchildren visit if they are under 18?

Yes, you can have visitors that are under 18. Visitors can stay up to 10 days.

What is the lease term?

There is a 12-month lease term.

Can I plant my own plants in the garden?

We generally cannot make big alterations to the landscaping, but there is usually room for some additional plants, provided they are not too large, high maintenance, or invasive. Many of our residents are avid gardeners. Additionally, residents can have flowerpots on the patios.

Is there a place to park RVs or trailers in the communities?
What about additional parking for cars?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow RVs, boats, or trailers to be kept on the property. There is some additional parking in the communities for guests; however, resident parking is generally limited to their personal garage and the space in front of their garage or apartment.

Can residents reserve the community for personal gatherings?

Yes, the community center is available for residents to use for personal get-togethers with a fully refundable deposit. There are some restrictions.